The Real Story

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Discrimination is in my experience often a difficult concept for many people to truly appreciate.

A lot of people go through their lives with the incessant protection guaranteed by the familiarity and supportiveness of “home.” For some others however, they go through life constantly exposed to the operose experience that is discrimination. I unsurprisingly fall into this latter category.

I have travelled the world, as an African black male and the level of discrimination that exists in contemporary society continues to amaze me, even though discrimination of a racial nature is supposedly now subtle in most parts of the world. However, if the current situation qualifies as subtle, one must wonder what it was like for people before the civil rights movement.

Staff at hotels look at you like you do not deserve to grace the plush surroundings of their haven. They are amazed that you leave generous tips. They appear hurt at your ability to speak multiple languages. Fellow customers at Gucci can’t comprehend why you want those shoes. The Hublot sales girl does not see why you can afford that thousand euro timepiece. The airline staff do not see how you accumulated so much miles to even consider a flight upgrade. Even worse, some other members of academic circles wear that glint of disbelief that you are of equal or higher intelligence, despite the colour of your skin. And these are only a few instances of this now subtle form of racial discrimination.

As a young black African male, who has spent a lot of his life on the road, I have experienced discrimination. And it has been without regard for my intelligence, my profession or my coin.

My personal experiences have left me with an even stronger conviction that no one deserves to be discriminated against. This is the story. The real story.

I bet you agree.

Why then do so many black Africans discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation?

The debate is not whether they chose to be that way or were born that way. The debate is not religiosity or atheism. The debate is not even culture. The debate is not what we think is natural or normal or not. And please do not say this is “different.”

The debate remains discrimination. Discrimination and a denial of freedom, equality and justice.

You must stop discriminating against people. Yes. You. You can.

It is a privilege for me to have friends who have transcended borders and who inspire me to be more, to know more, to do more. They are proof that we can have a world where those who discriminate are the ones who become uncomfortable.

We must work to end all forms of discrimination today. It starts with you.

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