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$13 Billion Joga Bonito

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Uncategorized



I love football, and I am genuinely excited (like, 11 year old me getting to stay up late to watch USA ’94 excited) for the FIFA World Cup.  From a sporting perspective, this is going to be brilliant (despite the quite extensive casualty list) and the lack of a true favourite will only increase the fun as one will no doubt emerge in the group stages only to lose on penalties to Germany or Italy in the quarter finals.

But I can’t let the politics pass without a mention. So in a pretty pathetic gesture let me pass brief comment on the fact that the Brazilian government have spent 30 billion reais (or $13.4 billion) on projects to put together the World Cup. That’s a phenomenally high number for a country that already had 10 stadiums with a 50,000 or higher seating capacity (Arena Corinthians and Arena…

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