Opportunistic Infections: What HIV’s Past Can Teach Us About Dealing With Ebola’s Present

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Virally Suppressed - Muckraking For The Modern World

It was 65°F outside and Yusia was freezing. The cold and the damp of the Sudanese rainy season clung to his bones as he biked to work, the pumping of his legs over the sodden ground making thuck thuck sounds as the mud tried to suck up the wheels of his bike, coating his calves with flecks of mud in the process. For 10 miles the sharp morning air stung Yusia’s cheeks as he pedaled though the frigid, waterlogged dawn to the town of Nzara, where heworked as a tallyman at a cotton factory. When he reached the factory, Yusia went into his office next to the storeroom and set to work, maybe hoping that a little industry would take his mind off his chill until it got warmer outside. So Yusia sat at his desk, next to his officemate Bullen, and began taking inventory of the number…

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