19 years with HIV

Posted: February 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Speaking Up!

Dear HIV,

Today is 19 years we are together. This is also the year I turn fifty. My life has been defined by you, there is no denying it. You have pushed me in so many directions. The highest and the lowest. I never felt so lonely and damaged like 19 years ago. But today you connect me to an amazing community of people that in spite of fear, suffering, illness and stigma, have risen,  resisted and flourished.

As you know, when I give interviews the question that most angers me is: how did you get HIV? It angers me because I know that journalists most times don’t want to know the real reason ‘why’ I got it, they want to get a saucy story and represent me either as some kind of victim, or reckless slut.

But asking why things happen in our lives is important. I grew up in…

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